Dis-rupted: A Performance by Santina Amato
4-8pm, December 4th, 2018
Crosstown Arts’ 430 Gallery
430 N. Cleveland,
Memphis, TN

Dis-rupted was a durational performance that focused on the materiality of bread dough and women’s bodies in a designated space. Dis-rupted was the largest project Amato has attempted with bread dough to date, inviting twelve female identifying women to create 900 lbs of dough in a public performance setting held on December 4th, 2018. The (anti)climax of the event saw the performers lay in the dough as it rose around them, consuming their bodies for a period of over an hour. This work is a continuation of Amato’s investigations into the materiality of dough and her focus on the notion of the intimate body, especially the female body.

Santina Amato
Caitlin Hassinger
Ashli Aaron
Megan Travis-Carr
Bianca Phillips
Mary Jo Karimnia
Lily Anderson
Julianna Johnston
Erica Vanhaute
Madelyn Altman
Asayah Young
Elizabeth Elder

Review by Lisa Williamson at Numbers:Inc Magazine.