April 29 –May 17

Sullivan Galleries 33 S. State St., 7th floor

Free and open to the public Monday–Saturday 11:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

Opening Reception
Friday, April 28, 7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.

The MFA Show is the culminating presentation of MFA candidates and an opportunity for new and ambitious work to be presented to the public. For more than six months, graduating MFA candidates work with a team of three distinguished Guest Curators and twelve Graduate Curatorial Fellows to envision the exhibition. This invested approach allows for dialogue, process, and collaborative decision-making to guide the curatorial teams as they work together with more than 100 participating artists to bring the MFA Show to fruition over time.

This year’s Guest Curators are Valerie Cassel Oliver, Senior Curator at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston; Daniel Fuller, Curator at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center; Julie Rodrigues Widholm, Director and Chief Curator of DePaul Art Museum. They have worked in collaboration with a team of Graduate Curatorial Fellows: Yana Andriesh (MA 2017), Kat Buckley (MA 2017), Baiqi Chen (MA 2017), Courtney Cintron (MA 2017), Christian Gion (MA 2017), Adela Goldbard (MFA 2017), Rachel Haber (Dual MA 2017), Jared Packard (MFA 2017), Jameson Paige (Dual MA 2018), Hannah Pivo (MA 2017), Elliot Reichert (Dual MA 2018), Pia Singh (MA 2017).

The exhibition is overseen by Kate Zeller, Director of Exhibitions, with Gabe Wilson, Curatorial Assistant, and lead staff: Michael Hall, Senior Exhibitions Manager and Serena B. Washington, Exhibitions Coordinator with Exhibitions Managers Curt Miller and Josh Fairbanks, in collaboration with Site Managers and student crew.

The exhibition is on view from Saturday, April 29 through Wednesday, May 17.


Opening 3rd March, 2017 at 17:00–19:00

Compassion Show seeks to contemplate its titular theme, pushing the envelope of conventional definitions and reconsidering pre-existing associations.

When we talk about compassion today, what is truly at stake? How can we pause, observe, listen, and pay attention? How does compassion weave between diversity, race, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, class, mental health, and other conversations? How can we navigate this intersectionality to foster mutual understanding amongst our community?

The artists here have shed light on these questions through different lenses, bridging the gap between our complex, disparate identities and our need for community.


Christopher Bleuher
Connor Fenwick
Elaine Tanski
Irem Mimaroglu
Jae Hwan Lim
Jeane Cohen
Kera Ling
Rim Lee
Sabrina Yang
Santina Amato
Seokyoon Hong
Simone Quiles
Ting Yan Khor
Xiaoqing Zhu

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Wellness Centre,
116 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603-6010, United States



Somatic Markings: Video Art by Current School of the Art Institute of Chicago MFA students curated by Santina Amato & Michelle Marie Murphy

Current Photography Graduate students, Santina Amato & Michelle Murphy, programmed these video works together as the result of a common theme that eventuated through a graduate open call at SAIC. The body, a source of inspiration for artists throughout history, continues to inspire this generation of cultural producers. These artists in Somatic Markings go beyond the historical representation of body, to include feelings associated with emotions and physical responses, defined by neuroscientist Antonio Demasio as “somatic markers”.

Participating artists are:

Ben Harle
Lindsay Hutchens
Nicole Lun
Samir Nahas
Maire Witt O’Neill and Mia Ardito
Ohm Phanphiroj
Joshi Radin
Sarah H. Reynolds
Catie Rutledge
Emily Sasmor
Lauren Steinberg
Daniele Vickers
Tenten Yitian Yan
Ji Yang
Zhiyuan Yang
Xiaoqing Zhu

Date: Friday February 17th 6:30 – 8:30
40 minute screening block | 15 min intermission | 30 min screening block

1821 West Hubbard Street, Suite 207
Chicago, IL 60622
773.888.2241 | info@latitudechicago.org

Please click on the link below to check out more details on our FB events page where we will be highlighting all the artists involved in the exhibition, everyday!


Bearing: object, body, and space
Opens Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Leroy Neiman Gallery
37 S Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60603 United States

Bearing: object, body, and space is a group exhibition exploring ideas of corporeal imposition within the works and research of three artists, Santina Amato (MFA 2017), Lindsay Hutchens (MFA 2017/MA 2018), and Michelle Marie Murphy (MFA 2017). This exhibition incorporates performative video, site-specific objects, photography, painting, and text to reflect on the issues that surround them as women and how they deal with the imposed and internalized threshold of their own bodies within their practices.


Midnight Dinner, 2016 will feature as part of the School of the Art Institute’s ExFest, a Film/Video Festival showcasing works of current students, on October 14th, at 5pm – 7.30pm, 2016.


30 April, 2016. Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A
CPR-Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211

BEAVER an exhibition, performance, and discussion event

How do cultural representations of female sexuality in advertising, mass media, and mainstream pornography affect how female sexuality is expressed both individually and collectively? How does slut-shaming and the threat of sexual violence influence female sexual self-expression? What are the ways that racial and sexual identity are culturally inscribed on the female body? How can the female body be used to contradict systemic patriarchal objectification without perpetuating it?

Beaver is an exhibition that brings together artists whose work delves into these questions in order to facilitate discussion of contemporary feminist perspectives on pornography, gender performance, and female sexual self-expression. Curated by artist Naomi Elena Ramirez and Kristen Sollee of Slutist.com, the exhibition includes film screenings, readings, performances, and roundtable discussion events. Through open calls for artists, each iteration of the Beaver exhibition brings together a different group of artists and individuals.

6:30 pm Gallery Open
7:30 pm Performance and Discussion

Announcing BEAVER 2016 artists:

Carly Bodnar
Carol-Anne McFarlane
Georgia Hinaris
Jayna Anderson
Katie Cercone
Katya Grokhovsky
Kristen Korvette
Laura Weyl
Leah Schrager
Lily Ives
Linda King Sackrider Ferguson
Lisa Rockford
Michelle Marie Charles
Mirabelle Jones
Naomi Elena Ramirez
Rebecca Sutton
Santina Amato
Sybil Jason
Tara Booth

Tickets: $5 – $10 sliding scale (helps support direct costs)