Governors Island Art Fair
September 2nd – October 1st, 2017
11am – 6pm
Governors Island, New York, NY.

Interdisciplinary artist, Santina Amato, is presenting an installation at the 2017 Governor’s Island Art Fair, including re-performative sculptures and paintings resulting from her recent residency at ACRE, along with a video work from her MFA thesis and writing by artist/art historian Ally Pockrass.

In the kitchen of the house at 405-A, Colonial Row at 4heads – Portal & Governors Island Art Fair, Amato shows five voluptuous ceramic sculptures, which will be activated throughout the length of the art fair. At various times on each of the four weekends of the fair, Pockrass will come into the installation to mix dough that she will load into the sculptures. Over the course of a day, the dough will rise and ebb out of the sculptures, a process which will be most visible during the hour directly after the sculptures are loaded.

In addition to the sculptures, Amato presents three abstract paintings that echo the shapes and textures of the sculptures, dough, and of the body. Three video works will also be present within the space. One video, which accompanies the ceramic works when purchased, is an instructional video, showing the process of making the dough and loading sculptures. The second video shows an edited 5 minute version of a dough sculpture in its process of being active. The last video work consists of two monitors, each with collage-like elements from found pornography. “A Love Letter to Dough,” a written response by Pockrass to Amato’s installation, is casually left behind on the refrigerator.

Both Amato and Pockrass recently graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Amato with her Masters of Fine Arts. Amato’s work has recently been exhibited in New York, Chicago, and Melbourne.