At A Distance #3 is the third annual iteration of this project, and the first to take place in Chicago. This exhibition continues the exploration of the boundaries and grey areas which might exist between artist/curator and technician/collaborator. By asking the artists and the curatorial team to each cede some degree of control, this project seeks to stimulate new avenues for process-oriented art. The resulting exhibition presents work that questions or comments on the role of author, de-emphasized egos and suggests that collective authorship may exemplify connectedness as inherently conditional to the processes of making.

The 18 artists on display at Wedge Projects each challenged the selection committee and installation team in their own unique ways, with some projects opening myriad questions regarding materials and the communication of content. The final form of each of the works in this exhibition was fabricated without the artists present, and represents one possible completed state for each idea.

Participating artists include:
Kioto Aoki
Santina Amato
Bruce Barber
Caitlin Cocco
Gary Duehr
RJ Harrington
Tracie Hayes
Hannah Hirsekorn
Christalena Hughmanick
N. Adriana Knouf
Xiaohan Li
Jacob Lunderby
Ellen Mueller
Sunita Mukhi
Lauren Sudbrink
The Mutual Society of Arts
Yasen Vasilev
Raymond Yeager

Curatorial committee members include:
Peter Fleps
Angela Lopez
Matt Martin
Dieter Roelstraete
Alisa Swindell
Udita Upadhyaya
A. P. Vague