Somatic Markings: Video Art by Current School of the Art Institute of Chicago MFA students curated by Santina Amato & Michelle Marie Murphy

Current Photography Graduate students, Santina Amato & Michelle Murphy, programmed these video works together as the result of a common theme that eventuated through a graduate open call at SAIC. The body, a source of inspiration for artists throughout history, continues to inspire this generation of cultural producers. These artists in Somatic Markings go beyond the historical representation of body, to include feelings associated with emotions and physical responses, defined by neuroscientist Antonio Demasio as “somatic markers”.

Participating artists are:

Ben Harle
Lindsay Hutchens
Nicole Lun
Samir Nahas
Maire Witt O’Neill and Mia Ardito
Ohm Phanphiroj
Joshi Radin
Sarah H. Reynolds
Catie Rutledge
Emily Sasmor
Lauren Steinberg
Daniele Vickers
Tenten Yitian Yan
Ji Yang
Zhiyuan Yang
Xiaoqing Zhu

Date: Friday February 17th 6:30 – 8:30
40 minute screening block | 15 min intermission | 30 min screening block

1821 West Hubbard Street, Suite 207
Chicago, IL 60622
773.888.2241 |

Please click on the link below to check out more details on our FB events page where we will be highlighting all the artists involved in the exhibition, everyday!