30 April, 2016. Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A
CPR-Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211

BEAVER an exhibition, performance, and discussion event

How do cultural representations of female sexuality in advertising, mass media, and mainstream pornography affect how female sexuality is expressed both individually and collectively? How does slut-shaming and the threat of sexual violence influence female sexual self-expression? What are the ways that racial and sexual identity are culturally inscribed on the female body? How can the female body be used to contradict systemic patriarchal objectification without perpetuating it?

Beaver is an exhibition that brings together artists whose work delves into these questions in order to facilitate discussion of contemporary feminist perspectives on pornography, gender performance, and female sexual self-expression. Curated by artist Naomi Elena Ramirez and Kristen Sollee of Slutist.com, the exhibition includes film screenings, readings, performances, and roundtable discussion events. Through open calls for artists, each iteration of the Beaver exhibition brings together a different group of artists and individuals.

6:30 pm Gallery Open
7:30 pm Performance and Discussion

Announcing BEAVER 2016 artists:

Carly Bodnar
Carol-Anne McFarlane
Georgia Hinaris
Jayna Anderson
Katie Cercone
Katya Grokhovsky
Kristen Korvette
Laura Weyl
Leah Schrager
Lily Ives
Linda King Sackrider Ferguson
Lisa Rockford
Michelle Marie Charles
Mirabelle Jones
Naomi Elena Ramirez
Rebecca Sutton
Santina Amato
Sybil Jason
Tara Booth

Tickets: $5 – $10 sliding scale (helps support direct costs)